Great Phab Picnic!

14 August 2022
Calling all Phab members and supporters -

On Sunday 14th August 2022 Phab is going to be hosting the second Great Phab Picnic!

This is a virtual event that any member and supporter of Phab can join. We are going to be highlighting some of the fantastic work undertaken by Phab clubs, Phab National, our supporters and much more!

We encourage you to meet with up with your friends and family, bring them round for lunch, or just have a picnic in the park, and join us live as we celebrate everything about Phab!

We'll be hosting our event from the I AM Phab Bebington branch this year; which we can't wait to visit, where we'll not only be highlighting our own work but showcasing some brilliant performances from them as well.

Sign up at the link below, and we cannot wait to see you there!

2 months ago