Members April Update

Rainbow Creating

This weekend's activity is one for ALL our followers (members past and present, families, friends, supporters, Phab clubs around the world) - let’s see how many people we can get involved!

We are loving spotting rainbows in our local area and we want to create a collection of rainbows from all our followers. We would love it if you could post a photo on facebook (or email) of your finished rainbow (either using the template below or a rainbow you have already created). Thanks to all those who have already got involved via Facebook. We will be collecting these together this weekend and will hopefully post a finished mosaic of these during the week 🌈

Virtual Campfire, Saturday 11th April at 7:30pm
On Sat 11th April, we will be hosting a virtual campfire at 7:30pm. We would have been on Phab holiday at this time so we thought it would be nice to get everyone together to sing some campfire songs - get your marshmallows at the ready!
If you would like to take part, please let us know and we will send you a link - you just need to download zoom and be ready to join us at 7:30. Anyone can take part - even if you weren't going to be on Phab holiday.
Alongside our classic campfire songs, you will have the chance to learn one song to sing and sign altogether - This is Me.
You will be sent the signs, video and song lyrics for this once you reply to say you are taking part (you don't have to join in with this song to be part of the campfire).
Easter Hat Competition
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Easter Hat competition! The winners were Harry and William Kirk, with their Chick and Sheep hats, however we loved everyone's amazing creations and so prizes are on the way to everyone who took part. 😊

6 months ago