Members March Update

 We are sending out a number of challenges over the next few weeks - more details on Facebook.
 The first challenge is creating an Easter hat using resources you have at home. For younger members, you will find a hat in the activity bag we delivered - you can decorate that! If you are an older member, if you have a hat at home to decorate then that is fine too! Email or Private Message us a photo of your entry - competition closes on Sunday 29th 😊

Keep a look out for our next competition where we will be linking up with
 Phab New Zealand

Are you missing some of your friends at Phab, but don't have their contact details? Let us know and if both families are in agreement, we will put you in touch!

Some of our regular volunteers are offering the opportunity for a Facetime or Skype call with some of the members if their parents think it might help during this long break from Phab, just send us an email. 
We will be sharing ideas from local businesses on our Facebook and flagging the regular updates sent out by Phab UK.
Do you have any ideas of actvities or competitions Phab members could take part in during the break? Let us know!

6 months ago